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Sign language books review

A great way to learn sign language is to get one or two simple sign language books to get you and your family started. Once you are done with them you can give them to friends (someone you want to communicate with in ASL) and spread the sign language.
There are numerous good ASL books out there. Not all of them are appealing to kids. We made a selection of Sign language books on Amazon that are appropriate for kids based on their reviews and by reading some of them.

Sign Language: My First 100 Words
Sign Language booksA great book to start with is “Sign Language: My First 100 Words” by Michiyo Nelson (Paperback, 2008). It is a small and concise book containing 100 words divided into categories (including feelings). The pictures are cute and colourful and do not intimidate a new learner.
For some signs it is helpful to have an experienced signer around to demonstrate the sign. We feel that this is the case with more books/pictures because it is difficult to “capture” some motions into an illustration (disadvantage of print). A good book for a reasonable price.

SIGN with your BABY – Quick Start Baby Sign Language (ASL) Kit: Includes Book, How-to DVD, Quick Reference Guidesign with your baby-baby sign languageAnother great book, well…it’s much more than just a book, is SIGN with your BABY – Quick Start Baby Sign Language (ASL) Kit. It includes a book containing 150 signs, how-to DVD, and a quick reference guide. This book has been reviewed by almost 200 people, almost all very positive. Although the book title suggests it is only for babies, it can be very useful for young kids that are new to signing. It provides a good start in American Sign Language. The DVD spends more time explaining the benefits of signing than the actual signs but is still informative.

Some other interesting ASL books for kids are listed below.