Sign Language App for kids and beginners

American Sign Language for Kids Resources

Empower your brain and master this (second) language!

ASL for kids

ASL for Kids

What is (Baby) Sign Language/ASL and why is it important to learn? We try to explain the difference between the two and summarize the benefits of learning it.

ASL alphabet

The ASL Alphabet

Learn how to sign the ASL Manual Alphabet. Download the printable sign language chart and watch the ABC movies. Learn how to spell you own name today!

How to learn sign language

How to start ASL

What is the best way to learn my kids Sign Language? We give you 6 tips on how to learn sign language. A free first lesson where you learn 16 animals signs.

ASL-kids App

Today’s smart phones and tablets make learning sign language convenient and interactive. We’ve developed a great app for learning sign language for kids.

Learn sign language online

Learn ASL online

Learn Sign Language online in a comfortable learning environment in your own time and at your own pace. The web offers several advantages when it comes to learning a new language…

ASL alphabet

ASL kids Dictionary

Learn your first 100 signs with this great ASL video dictionary for kids. Check the list of free dictionary resources too.

sign language classes near you

ASL Classes near you

 I want to follow a Sign Language course but where can I find one near my home?

sign language books

Selected ASL books

Do you need help with deciding what book to buy to get you started in ASL? We selected a few books on sign language suited for kids based on their positive reviews.

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