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At ASL Kids, we’re passionate about teaching American Sign Language (ASL) to kids and beginners. Our goal is to make learning sign language fun, interactive, and accessible for everyone. Whether you’re a parent looking to introduce your child to ASL or a beginner eager to learn this expressive language, you’ve come to the right place.

What is (Baby) Sign Language/ASL?

Have you ever wondered about the magic of sign language? We’ll help you understand the difference between Baby Sign Language and ASL and why learning both can be incredibly beneficial. Discover the advantages of signing with your little ones and explore the world of ASL. Learn more

The ASL Alphabet

Unlock the power of ASL with the ASL Manual Alphabet. We’ve made it easy for you to learn how to sign each letter. Download our printable sign language chart and dive into our engaging ABC videos. Get ready to spell your name and much more in ASL! Explore the ASL alphabet

How to Start ASL

Ready to embark on your ASL journey? We’ve got you covered with six practical tips on how to start learning sign language. Plus, enjoy your first lesson where you’ll master 16 essential animal signs. Let’s begin this exciting adventure together! Learn sign language

ASL-kids App

Learning sign language has never been more convenient and interactive. Check out our fantastic ASL-kids app designed especially for kids. Explore a world of signs and start communicating in ASL today. Discover the ASL-kids App

Learn ASL Online

Join our online learning community and master sign language at your own pace. We offer a comfortable and flexible environment for learners of all ages. Dive into the advantages of learning a new language online. Learn ASL online

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Learn Sign Language Online

ASL-kids Dictionary

Expand your ASL vocabulary with our video dictionary for kids. Learn your first 100 signs with ease and check out our list of free dictionary resources. ASL has never been this accessible! Explore the ASL Dictionary

ASL Classes Near You

Looking for in-person ASL classes near your location? We can help you find the perfect Sign Language course close to home. Start your journey towards fluency with local ASL classes. Find ASL Classes

Selected ASL Books

Are you in search of the right ASL books to kickstart your signing adventure? Let us guide you with our selection of top-rated sign language books suitable for kids. Start your learning journey with the best resources. Discover ASL Books