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20+ Basic Sign Language Phrases for Beginners | ASL

Learn American Sign Language (ASL) with TakeLessons, an online language learning platform that provides free and paid courses to beginners and experienced learners. In this

Exploring the Regional Variations in American Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is a rich and complex visual language used by millions of people in the United States and Canada. Like any language,

What age should you start teaching sign language?

Sign language is a valuable tool for children of all ages, but did you know that introducing it to children at a young age can

ASL for special needs children:

how it can improve communication and social skills American Sign Language (ASL) is a visual language that has been used for centuries by the Deaf

What is the latest development in cochlear implants

Cochlear implants are electronic devices that are surgically implanted into the inner ear to help people with severe hearing loss. The development of cochlear implants

Cochlear Nucleus 8 vs Nucleus 7

Nucleus 8 and Nucleus 7 compared We received the new Cochlear Nucleus 8 today! In this post I wanted to compare the “old” nucleus 7

Hearing Aid Battery Buyer’s Guide

We, hearing aid users, are doomed to spend a fortune on batteries and accessories to keep us connected to the “hearing world”. Therefore, it’s a

History of Sign Language

History Of Sign Language in the United States Thomas Gallaudet, a hearing person from America with the help of Laurent Clerc, a Deaf teacher from

How long do Cochlear Implant batteries last?

When I was searching for new rechargeable batteries for my son's Cochlear Implant (CI) a few months ago, I found out there are several options

Colors in Sign Language (ASL lesson)

In this lesson you'll learn how to sign 9 colors in American Sign Language: Green: take your G-hand for green and flick it a couple