Baby Sign Language

Baby sign language teaches babies a collection of easy-to-remember and simple gestures to use as a way of communicating. From about 8 months of age, babies do not have the ability to speak but can start to understand much of what is being said. Babies from this age can easily be taught to use gestures as a way of communicating.

Signing does not interfere with your baby’s speech or language development; it actually encourages babies to speak sooner and assists in developing a large vocabulary. Once a baby starts verbalizing words, he or she will still find signing useful for those words that are more difficult. You can start teaching baby sign language at any age, even if your child has started saying some words already.

Benefits of Teaching Your Baby Sign Language

Imagine your 8-month-old baby telling you that he or she is thirsty, cries because he or she has stomach pain, wants his favorite teddy bear, etc. Babies start to babble by the end of the 6 months of age but that is all. A babble. The ability to speak is not developed until 1 year of age and even then your child will be able to say only a few words. There is, however, a way to communicate with your child before he or she learns to talk – sign language.

Sign language refers to a type of communication with the aid of hands and fingers. The type of sign language that is used to communicate with babies and toddlers is the same language that is used by hearing-impaired individuals (although there are other sign languages too) and is becoming increasingly popular among many parents as a mean of communication with their children. It may be hard to imagine a baby using sign language to express his or her needs, feeling, and even pain and exactly where they feel the pain but an 8-month-old child can master the basic signs such as hungry, thirsty, more, play, sleepy, teddy bear, pacifier, etc. But can your baby benefit from learning sign language? Absolutely.

Research has shown that teaching your baby sign language can deliver an array of benefits that include:

  • Increases communication and learning at a very early age
  • Helps babies talk sooner
  • Reduces tantrums, tears, and frustration
  • Helps improve intellectual development
  • Develops larger vocabularies and helps babies understand more words
  • Encourages interest in books
  • Contributes bonding with parents
  • Increases self-esteem

When to start baby sign language

To start baby sign language you do not need to attend a course or have any prior knowledge of signing. Baby sign language is designed to be simple and fun and easily learned by parents to build into their everyday life as a way of communicating with their baby.

We have written an article on when to start signing with your baby.

To start signing with your baby all you need is an illustrated book listing the available signs. Pick a couple of words that you use daily and start to sign that word every time you say it. Make sure your baby can see your hands when you are signing and ensure that you are consistent. Depending on the baby’s age it may take several weeks before your baby signs back to you but when she does it will all be worth it![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

How to start teaching your baby sign language

Instructing infants indication language is a lot simpler than you would certainly ever before envision it to be. Your youngster may not be able to talk yet, yet believe me, he or she has been attempting to connect with you considering that the day they opened their eyes. Why stand by a year or more for your kid to begin speaking, only to still not fully comprehend what they’re trying to state? Indicator language and infant communication via these hand-operated cues could not just aid you ‘speak’ to your child, but can additionally offer a unique bond that you and your newborn will share always. Developing such a close-knit encounter so early in life can make you both healthier, as your baby will certainly understand specific ways to tell you what they wish, and you’ll have the ability to permit your child know things you otherwise would have no way of showing them.

Lately, numerous parents have actually found out baby sign language online, via books, with plans and even online videos. Possibly you also know a mommy or daddy who currently utilizes this type of interaction with their youngster, and you have actually seen just how fantastic the outcomes could be. Maybe you’ve hesitated that it would not work for your son or daughter, or possibly it was too tough or costly to need to learn. Possibly you also thought such communication needed special indication language and infant colleges. Whatever the situation, you have to toss those notions aside and realize something: anyone can do it. Any kind of child could do it. In simply minutes you could be discovering baby sign language online, and not just learning it yet teaching it to your child and utilizing it to speak your necessities back and forth from within the comfort of your very own infant nursery.

And aside from the bond you’ll share, studies have actually proven that children that discover to talk with their hands have taken pleasure in developmental benefits over others who have not. Your child will certainly begin communication at a much more youthful stage, making it easier for your man or her when they finally do begin to talk. As they learn to communicate with their environments they will find out how to come to be more reliant upon themselves, something that will carry over into the early stages of childhood and give your child a leap begin on educational paths, creating motor skills, and a host of other advantages.