Best Online ASL Course

We understand that American Sign Language (ASL) is a valuable skill for both children and adults. That’s why we’ve handpicked the two best online ASL courses, one tailored for adults and another specifically designed for kids.

Best Online Sign Language Course for Adults?

Ready to sign like a pro? 🌟 SignLanguage101 offers great courses by experts that are fully accredited by IACET. They often have a discount.

Sign Language 101 – Learn Sign Language Online

Best Online ASL Course for Kids?

We found that the best Sign Language course for Kids is also offered by Sign Language 101

Their online courses, designed by Deaf curriculum specialists, will engage kids ages 8-15 in an immersive learning experience.

Are you ready for your child to embark on a fantastic journey into the world of American Sign Language (ASL)? Look no further than our top pick for the best online ASL course for kids, featuring the incredible ASL teacher, Sandra Mae Frank.

Meet Sandra Mae Frank: Your Inspiring ASL Guide

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Sandra Mae Frank’s story is nothing short of inspirational. As an actress and producer, she faced a unique challenge, losing her hearing at the age of three. However, this adversity fueled her passion for American Sign Language, and she became a prominent figure in the world of ASL.

Sandra’s journey includes a Broadway debut in the revival of “Spring Awakening,” produced by the Deaf West Theatre, and roles in films and television shows, including NBC’s medical drama, “New Amsterdam.” You may even recognize her from her captivating performance of the National Anthem and “America the Beautiful” during Super Bowl LVI, where she used American Sign Language to convey the patriotic spirit.

Unlock the World of ASL with Sandra

In this carefully crafted course, Sandra introduces the fundamental building blocks of ASL in an engaging and structured format. Her teaching style is lively, ensuring that learning ASL is not only educational but also loads of fun. Sandra’s signing is both beautiful and crystal clear, making it accessible and enjoyable for kids and beginners.

Explore a Comprehensive Curriculum

Your child will dive into a comprehensive curriculum that covers a wide range of ASL topics, including:

  • Letters, Names, & Numbers: Master the basics of ASL communication.
  • Colors, Ages, & Gestures: Expand your vocabulary with essential concepts.
  • Animal Signs: Explore the fascinating world of animal signs.
  • Family Signs: Strengthen your ability to communicate with loved ones.
  • Everyday Phrases: Enhance your conversational ASL skills.
  • ASL Grammar: Delve into the structural aspects of the language.
  • Deaf Culture: Gain insights into the rich and diverse Deaf culture.
  • Fingerspelling Practice: Hone your spelling and recognition skills.

Don’t miss the opportunity for your child to learn ASL from the best. Join Sandra Mae Frank on this incredible journey into the world of American Sign Language and help your child become a skilled signer while having a blast along the way! Start their ASL adventure today with [affiliate link].

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