History of Sign Language

History of Sign LanguageHistory of Sign Language
History Of Sign Language in the United States Thomas Gallaudet, a hearing person from America with the help of Laurent Clerc, a Deaf teacher from[read_more text="Read more" title="Read more" url="https://asl-kids.com/history-of-sign-language/" align="left"]

Colors in Sign Language (ASL lesson)

9 colors in sign language9 colors in sign language
In this lesson you'll learn how to sign 9 colors in American Sign Language: Green: take your G-hand for green and flick it a couple[read_more text="Read more" title="Read more" url="https://asl-kids.com/colors-in-sign-language-asl-lesson/" align="left"]

Days of the week in sign language

Days of the week in Sign LanguageDays of the week in Sign Language
We are going to show you how to do the signs of the days of the week in American Sign Language. These are super easy![read_more text="Read more" title="Read more" url="https://asl-kids.com/days-of-the-week-in-sign-language/" align="left"]

Please in Sign Language

Please in Sign LanguagePlease in Sign Language
How do you say "please" in sign language? The sign for "please" in American Sign Language is made by first placing your dominant hand with[read_more text="Read more" title="Read more" url="https://asl-kids.com/please-in-sign-language/" align="left"]