In this lesson you’ll learn how to sign 9 colors in American Sign Language:

  • Green: take your G-hand for green and flick it a couple of times in front of your chest.
  • Orange: take your fist and squeeze it around your chin as if you’re squeezing an orange. This is also the sign for the actual fruit orange so they’re both the same.
  • Pink: because your lips can be pink or red, pink is signed by pulling down the middle finger from the k-hand twice from your lip.
  • Purple: take your P-hand for purple and then shake it in front of you.
  • Yellow: take your Y-hand in front of your chest and move it to the right and shake it a bit.
  • Black: take your index finger and wipe your eyebrows.
  • Blue: take your B-hand and shake/twist it in front you yourself.
  • Red: take your index finger and put it to your lip and pull it down. You can sort of think about it as if you’re pointing to the color of your lips.
  • White: put your palm to your chest first and then pull out making a pinching motion.

Colors in ASL video

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