Hearing Aid Battery Buyer's guide

Hearing Aid Battery Buyer’s Guide

We, hearing aid users, are doomed to spend a fortune on batteries and accessories to keep us connected to the “hearing world”. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend some time on understanding what makes a good battery and how you can extend the life of your batteries. This buyer guide will give you answers to the most common questions we had, and you probably do as well, so you can make an informed purchasing decision and save money. Let’s start with the basics: A hearing aid battery is a small object that is inserted into the hearing aid and is used to allow the device to function just like a remote control for a television or DVD player. Hearing aid batteries offer some benefits as well as enabling the device to function. First, a hearing aid battery is very reliable and allows users to have a working hearing aid at all times while allowing them to live their desired lifestyle. The hearing aid batteries are flexible as they are able to fit in every size to suit every type of hearing aid available.

These hearing aid batteries also provide dispensers in order to make them easy to change for users. Getting a hearing aid battery is simple and can be done pretty easily. You can always go to a local pharmacy or convenience store and ask for hearing aid batteries. They will usually be in the battery section of the store. Once you find the hearing aid battery of your choice then you just buy it at the counter. Having a hearing aid battery is a vital part of a working hearing aid and should be obtained immediately when getting a hearing aid.

Hearing aid batteries are generally made from zinc because it’s relatively light yet supplies a fair amount of energy. Today’s zinc-air batteries are activated when the tab on the back is removed.

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How to determine the right battery size for your hearing aid?

There are four sizes of hearing aid batteries made for specific styles of hearing aids with different power needs:

The largest batteries provide the most energy and last the longest but only fit larger devices. The smallest batteries have the shortest lifespan and only fit the tiniest devices.

Hearing aid battery color index:

  • Yellow = Size 10 (5.8 mm x 3.6 mm): tens are the smallest least powerful batteries made for completely in the canal and receiver in the canal hearing aids. Packages are yellow and they usually last three to six days
  • Orange = Size 13 (7.9 mm x 5.4 mm): 13’s are the second largest and second most powerful made for in-the-ear or behind-the-ear hearing aids. The packaging is always orange and they usually last one to two weeks when worn daily.
  • Brown = Size 312 (7.9 mm x 3.6 mm): the third largest are the 312 four in the canal and certainly behind-the-ear hearing aids but not the super behind-the-ear devices. 312s come in brown packages and usually last six to ten days.
  • Blue = Size 675 (11.6 mm x 5.4 mm): The large 675’s are made for the most powerful hearing aids. The Super behind-the-ear hearing aids always come in blue packaging and last approximately two weeks when worn all day every day.

Which brand of batteries lasts the longest?

The best-known companies that provide hearing aid batteries are: Rayovac, Power One, Duracell, Powermax USA, Panasonic, Sony, ZeniPower, PowerOne, Premium Batteries, HEAR CLEAR, Hearing Direct, Hearing Aid Battery Club, Renata, and iCellTech.

It is possible to compare the performance of various brands by discharging the batteries in a controlled environment. People like Dr. Arto Sivola from Elakelaisten University in Finland, Silvio Pires Penteado Ph.D., and Ricardo Ferreira Bento Ph.D. from the University of São Paulo all tested the performance of hearing aid batteries.

According to the study of Dr. Sivola, where he compared 25 brands (only size 13 and 312) in a recent study, the following brands have the best hearing aid battery brands:

Size 13

 Capacity mAhDuration Days

Size 312

 Capacity mAhDuration Days

According to a survey done by Hearing Tracker and my own research, the following hearing aid batteries were found best:

Size 10
Duracell Activair Zinc Air100 mAh
Power One Zinc Air Battery100 mAh
iCellTech Zinc Air Battery105 mAh
NEXcell Zinc Air Battery100 mAh
Size 312
Duracell Activair Zinc Air180 mAh
Power One Zinc Air Battery180 mAh
iCellTech Zinc Air Battery180 mAh
NEXcell Zinc Air Battery180 mAh
Size 13
Duracell Activair Zinc Air310 mAh
Power One Zinc Air Battery310 mAh
iCellTech Zinc Air Battery310 mAh
NEXcell Zinc Air Battery300 mAh
Panasonic Zinc Air Battery300 mAh
Size 675
Duracell Activair Zinc Air650 mAh
Power One Zinc Air Battery650 mAh
iCellTech Zinc Air Battery630 mAh
NEXcell Zinc Air Battery630 mAh

If you take the price per cell and reviews/ratings of all the batteries into account, I come to the following recommendations:

Recommended hearing aid batteries

Size 312

PowerOne Hearing Aid Batteries No Mercury Size 312, PR41 (60 Batteries) + Battery Keychain Kit

iCellTech Size 312 Hearing Aid Batteries (60 batteries)

Size 10

Power One Size 10 No Mercury Hearing Aid Batteries (120)

iCellTech Hearing Aid Batteries, 0% Hg (60 Batteries) (10)

Size 13

Varta PowerOne Hearing Aid Batteries Size 13-10 Packs of 6 Cells

Size 675

Power One Zinc Air Hearing Aid Batteries (Blue) Size 675 Pack of 60

What influences the life of your hearing aid batteries?

  • The capacity.
  • How much the device drains the battery.
  • How long the hearing aid is worn.
  • Age of the battery. The package includes a best before date because they lose their charge over time.

How to maximize the life of hearing aid batteries?

  • Make sure you always keep the batteries in a cool dry place such as a plastic container.
  • Do not carry batteries in your pocket or a metal container.
  • Always keep hearing aid batteries away from children.
  • Remember the battery door is an on/off switch. Close it to turn your hearing aid on and open it to turn your hearing aid off when you’re not using your aids.
  • Open the battery door fully or remove the batteries to prevent unnecessary power loss.
  • Remove the sticker a few minutes before you insert it into the device (not hours before). This will activate the battery through oxygen in the air and can extend the lifetime by 20 percent.
  • Use a drying box (dehumidifier). This will absorb moisture out of your aids and battery and allow the battery power to be used more efficiently. Some dryers also kill germs and deodorize with a UV Lamp. I personally use the TRG-AA which does a very effective job. Check the specs and the latest price on Amazon: Dry and Store Global II Electric Hearing Aid Dehumidifier TRG-AA
  • Clean your hands before swapping batteries.

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