Best Sign language books?

What are the best Sign Language Books for children, beginners and Baby Sign Language?

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As a sign language expert, I understand the profound impact sign language can have on communication and connection. Whether you’re a parent looking to teach your child the beauty of sign language, a beginner eager to learn this unique form of communication, or someone interested in baby sign language, the right American Sign Language books can be your gateway to a world of expressive possibilities.
In this curated selection, I’ve gathered the best sign language books for kids, beginners, and those seeking to enhance their parent-child communication through baby sign language. These books not only offer valuable insights into ASL but also provide engaging, practical, and fun resources to help you embark on your sign language journey.

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Best Sign Language Books for Babies

Sign language is not just a technique applied to people who have a disability in speaking or hearing, but also to hearing babies. Sign language is becoming one of the most widely used languages globally due to the increasing number of people who are challenged with speaking and hearing. While teaching sign language to disabled adults is different from teaching it to babies, it is still an important tool for communication.

The best time to teach sign language to babies is between the ages of 6-35 months. This age range is when babies are most receptive to learning new skills and can facilitate efficient communication between parent and child. Babies who are equipped with the power of sign language have an advantage in terms of mental and physical capabilities. Using early sign language enables them to experience effective communication at an early stage and they are also less prone to frustration and outbursts caused by unsuccessful communication. Within the first three years of a baby’s life, using sign language is extremely helpful. After this period, the baby will then acquire the verbal form of the language.

Allowing a baby to learn baby sign language will improve their speech ability. It is in this regard that kids who were taught sign language are able to cope better with extreme social changes in the community as they grow up.

Baby Sign Language Made Easy

A great book by Lane Rebelo that has almost 10.000 very positive reviews.

  1. Comprehensive Sign Collection: This book offers a diverse collection of 101 signs, covering essential everyday concepts. From basic needs like “thirsty” and “hungry” to playful signs and more, it ensures you have a well-rounded set of signs for effective communication with your baby.
  2. Practical Guidance: The book provides invaluable guidance on how to teach these signs to your baby effectively. It includes tips, strategies, and practical advice, making the learning process smooth and enjoyable for both you and your child.
  3. Visual Learning: The inclusion of diagrams and descriptions for each sign enhances your understanding of how to make the signs correctly. This visual aspect is particularly helpful for those new to sign language, ensuring you can communicate accurately.
  4. Engaging Resources: In addition to sign illustrations, the book offers songs and stories that can be used to teach signs. These engaging resources make the learning experience fun and interactive for your baby, fostering a positive learning environment.
  5. Early Communication Skills: By using the signs introduced in this book, you can enable your baby to express their needs and desires even before they can speak. This early communication not only reduces frustration but also strengthens your parent-child bond.

These features make “Baby Sign Language Made Easy” an excellent resource for parents looking to enhance communication with their babies through sign language.

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Other good baby sign language books:

Baby Sign Language Book for Hearing Babies and Toddlers

Baby sign language basics

Another great book for babies and kids that can hear is this updated book: Baby Sign Language Basics – Early Communication for Hearing Babies and Toddlers by Monta Z. Briant. The book comes with games, and songs, to make learning fun.

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SIGN with your BABY

sign with your baby

A great book, well…it’s much more than just a book, is SIGN with your BABY – Quick Start Baby Sign Language (ASL) Kit. It includes a book containing 150 signs, a how-to DVD, and a quick reference guide. This book has been reviewed by almost 200 people, almost all very positive. Although the book title suggests it is only for babies, it can be very useful for young kids who are new to signing. It provides a good start in American Sign Language. The DVD spends more time explaining the benefits of signing than the actual signs but is still informative.

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Best Sign Language Books for Beginners

american sign language for beginners

Start signing in just 30 days with American Sign Language for Beginners. This guide provides easy-to-follow daily lessons covering letters, numbers, essential vocabulary, grammar basics, and insights into deaf culture. Each lesson takes under 30 minutes, with clear instructions, photographs, and everyday phrases. Begin your ASL journey today.

Top 5 Reviews:

  1. Great Reinforcement: Lorraine Taylor loves this book as it reinforces frequently used signs in her ASL class.
  2. Perfect for Beginners: Tammie is just starting to learn ASL and finds this book helpful.
  3. Effective Teaching: Ryan N. appreciates the book for its effectiveness in teaching ASL.
  4. Ideal for Kids: Crissy S bought it as a birthday gift for her 10-year-old, and her child is enjoying learning from it.
  5. Clearer Pictures Needed: S. Jacobs had some difficulty with the clarity of the pictures and eventually used YouTube as a supplement.

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Best Sign Language Books for Kids

American Sign Language for Kids: 101 Easy Signs for Nonverbal Communication

american sign language for kids
  1. User-Friendly Visuals: The book includes clear and easy-to-follow pictures, making it simple for both kids and beginners to learn sign language.
  2. Effective Communication Tool: It helps families communicate with non-verbal children, fostering better understanding and connection within the family.
  3. Helpful Resource: Readers find it useful in learning sign language for communicating with deaf or hard-of-hearing family members or peers.
  4. Suitable for Beginners: This book is great for beginners, offering a straightforward approach to learning ASL with visual aids and movement descriptions.
  5. Inclusivity: It caters to a wide audience, including children with Autism and individuals working with people on the Spectrum, offering an inclusive approach to learning sign language.

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The Gallaudet Children’s Dictionary of American Sign Language

The book I recommend the most is ASL Children’s Dictionary by Gallaudet University Press. This book gets the seal of approval from all ASL interpreters I know and receives great reviews from customers almost exclusively. It features more than 1000 colorful drawings and includes a searchable DVD. The DVD displays young native signers demonstrating each sign plus 150 ASL sentences. In my opinion, this is the best book for learning sign language.

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Sign Language: My First 100 Words

My first 100 words

A great book to start with is “Sign Language: My First 100 Words” by Michiyo Nelson (Paperback, 2008). It is a small and concise book containing 100 words divided into categories (including feelings). The pictures are cute and colorful and do not intimidate a new learner.
For some signs, it is helpful to have an experienced signer around to demonstrate the sign. We feel that this is the case with more books/pictures because it is difficult to “capture” some motions into an illustration (disadvantage of print). A good book for a reasonable price.

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Other Sign Language tools:

Online Course

If you prefer learning ASL through video instruction, I highly recommend the course offered by SignLanguage101

American Sign Language Flash Cards

Another fun way to learn is by using Flash Cards for Toddlers and Beginners – 180 ASL Flash Cards for Babies, Toddlers, and Kids. ASL ABC Flash Cards Include Starter, Vocab, and Common Sight Words. ASL Cards

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Signing Time

This DVD teaches your youngster more than 400 ASL words. Get all 13 DVDs from Series One in one handy case. Currently, it’s very easy to take Signing Time anywhere you go! This set of educational video clips helps improve vocabulary, punctuation, and reading skills! This collection consists of thirteen DVDs in one economical case.

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How do you sign Book in ASL?

The sign for Book is done by putting your hands together as if you clap your hands, and then opening your hands as if you are opening a book.

While you are waiting for your book to get delivered, install the ASL-kids app on your iPhone, iPad, or Android and start learning the first signs for free!