Cochlear Nucleus 8 compared to Nucleus 7

Cochlear Nucleus 8 vs Nucleus 7

Nucleus 8 and Nucleus 7 compared

We received the new Cochlear Nucleus 8 today! In this post I wanted to compare the “old” nucleus 7 with this new silver nucleus 8 with pictures.

The Silver one on the left is the new Nucleus 8 and the sand one on the right is the older Nucleus 7.

Advantages over Nucleus 7:

  • 15% smaller and 13% lighter
  • SmartSound iQ 2 with SCAN 2 technology5-8 and improved ForwardFocus.
  • Improved noise reduction
  • Compatible ReSound hearing aids*, Bluetooth LE Audio
  • 6 color options instead of 5

Take a look at the table at the bottom of the page to see how the Nucleus 8 compares to the Nucleus 7.

The Cochlear Nucleus 8 and Cochlear Nucleus 7 are both cochlear implant systems developed by Cochlear, a global leader in hearing implant technology. They are designed to help individuals with severe to profound hearing loss to hear and understand speech more clearly.

So which one is better?

The main difference between the two systems is their processing power and technology. The Cochlear Nucleus 8 is considered to be the latest and most advanced cochlear implant system offered by Cochlear, it features a more powerful and flexible processor, which allows for more personalized sound processing, and it has a longer battery life.

The Cochlear Nucleus 7, on the other hand, is an older model, it uses a different sound processing technology and has a shorter battery life. It still considered a good option for people who looking for a cochlear implant, it may offer a more budget-friendly option.

Both Cochlear Nucleus 8 and Cochlear Nucleus 7 are surgically implanted, and they provide a direct electrical stimulation to the auditory nerve. The decision on which model to choose will depend on the individual’s specific needs, preferences, and budget. It’s important to consult with an audiologist or a hearing specialist to determine the best option for you.

More information about the Nucleus 8 on the website of Cochlear

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