Hearing Aid Headbands & Cochlear Implant Headbands

Hearing Aid Headbands & Cochlear Implant Headbands

How to Get Your Kids to Wear the Hearing Aids, Cochlear Implant, and BAHA

As a parent or guardian, you are expected to encourage your kid to wear their hearing aids or cochlear implants. This can be done through these few ways:

  • Always ensure that the hearing aids are comfortable and secure by warming the earmoulds when holding it in your hands for some time.
  • Check the settings on the hearing aids when you notice your kid removing them and make adjustments where necessary or contact the audiologist.
  • Gradually build up the period of time your kids put on their hearing aids so they get used to them.
  • Make the hearing aid attractive to your kids by decorating them or picking colorful

Common Problems Encountered When Kids Use Hearing Aids and Their Solutions

It is never an easy task dealing with kids who use hearing aids. Making sure the hearing aids are stuck to their ears at all times can be challenging. Some of these problems are:

  • Kids Pull Them Out
    If the hearing aids become uncomfortable for the kid maybe because it wasn’t warmed up or the battery died, there is every tendency for the kid to pull out the hearing aid. This could be resolved by using the headband, ear suspender, a clip system or a retainer to keep them in place and also attached if pulled off.
  • Risk of Losing Expensive Aids
    Hearing aid dispensers must be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Having said that, hearing aids whether purchased privately (though not advisable) or recommended by an audiologist is quite expensive. Having this in mind could raise a lot of concern if the hearing aids are lost. It is always advisable to get insurance to cover losing them. Additionally, a hearing aid headband holder can be used to safely keep the hearing aid when not in use.
  • Risk If Kids Get to the Battery
    Batteries are poisonous and detrimental to the Health of a living being. If a battery gets to the gullet when swallowed, an electric circuit is created and this discharges abrasive alkali to the body system. To reduce the risk of kids getting to the battery of hearing aids, a headband that holds the aid in place even when pulled is highly recommended.

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baby hat to protect hearing aid

Types of Hearing Devices:

Behind-the-ear model
Waterproof hearing aids
Bone Anchored Hearing Aids (BAHA)
Open-fit hearing aids
Receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids
In-the-canal hearing aids etc.

These hearing aids sometimes require attachments like;

A headband is a clothing accessory worn around the forehead and usually attached to the hearing aid. The headband is important because it helps prevent the hearing aid from falling off.

A retainer is made of an elastic band that is attached to the mechanical behind-the-ear section of a kid’s hearing aid. The elastic section is then attached to a long cord with a clip at the end which is fixed on the kid’s wear.

Headbands suitable for Cochlear Implants

There are headbands available that you can use for your CI processors. They contain little side pockets in which you put your processor. This can be very useful, especially in the water, as it is hard to get the processor to stay on with the large aqua protector. This comfortable stretchy band comes in different colors. Check out the latest price on Amazon for this Cochlear Implant Headband

Headbands for Hearing Aids

A great way to prevent losing your prescription listening devices with an active way of life is an Ear Suspenders headband. These headbands are great for all ages. They are also a great method to prevent babies from pulling and getting rid of their devices. They also work well for geriatric patients living in nursing homes. Each Headband has 2 silicone sleeves connected, a silicone elastic band, the ability to adjust to the head size of the wearer and it comes with a spare sleeve. Check out the available colors and the latest price on Amazon.

Tips on How to Make Hearing Aid Headband

You can make your own headband for Baha hearing aids with the following simple steps;

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